Computer Games – Behind the Screen


After a whole day of hectic schedule, we all settle down to get ourselves relaxed with a computer game. In today’s world, computer games have become a part of everyone’s life. Be it a school going kid who is tired after a whole day at school and loads of homework or an office goer who is completely out of energy after a day’s hectic schedule, computer games are the best way for relaxation. For the majority of today’s population, the video game is the best pastime. While people enjoy playing an alien invasion game, have they ever given a thought about the efforts that have gone into the development of the game? Do you know how your favourite computer game is developed?

The Reality

Many people merely think of the computer game as electronic toys that does not take a long time to produce. In reality, computer games are complex programming structures that needs a lot of time and effort to develop. An average video game takes around an year or so, to get developed and reach the market. It is like a Hollywood movie getting created in the movie studios.

The Old vs New

Two decades back, computer games started out as a chasing game that was built around dots in a black screen. But the development over these years have been amazing. Now, the modern games are more interactive and moving towards virtual reality. In modern computer games, the game usually starts with a story. The simulation and the narration goes hand-in-hand and the story takes the player into the gaming world. It slowly creates a bond between the characters of the game and the player playing the game. Most of the games are played with the player as the central character.

Behind the Screen

For creating a computer game, there are lots of people involved in the process. For creating a story, writers, artists, designers and programmers work together and create a whole package. There are lots of contents involved including the settings, the background music, the different paths of the story and the graphics / look and feel.

Though computer games are similar to the movies in one way, computer games are much more complex because a computer game must have different story paths that would change according to the way the player plays whereas a movie has only one storyline.

New Advancements

As days roll, gamers expect the games to adapt to new and changing technology. They want the best gaming experience and expect the characters and the game to reflect and feel like real things. They even expect the background of the game to look real. That is why development of new games are becoming a great challenge. As the level of detail is more, there is a need for more people to work on the development of the game. It is even more challenging for the artists and designers. After the elements of the game are designed and developed, it is time to make them work in sync. That is, the sound, the setting and the different designed elements should work seamlessly together to make it an enjoyable video game altogether.

Technology Behind the Computer Games

All the computer games are written by computer programmers who work tirelessly to write instructions (or code) to control all the aspects of the computer game. There are languages like C++, Visual Basic, Perl and Python for writing code. Each and every character and setting in the game is controlled by these bits and pieces of code. If you are controlling a character in the game, know that there are codes written behind to account for all the possibilities one can make with their character. Only a complex code control can do this magic.

Once the code is written and integrated to make it stand as a game, it is sent to the testing phase before releasing it to the gamers. There would be a special team who would test every aspect of the game in find errors and fix the bugs. Only after an entire set of testing and fixing, the game is released to the final audience. Computer games are not ordinary toys. When you are enjoying a computer game, remember that there was a whole team who spent thousands of hours developing the game to make you enjoy and relish your time!